The Writer’s Scribe

  Professional submission tracking software for the writer, agent, and publisher



What's New in 7.4 (coming soon):

✦     Responsive Design Navigation Bar

For the iPhone, the application switches to a menu from the tab bar at the top, or you may permanently switch to using the menu for a simpler look while showing more of the top banner.

✦     Home Publisher Updates

The grouping of records and links have been updated. It now groups stories assigned to a given point of contact associated with the submission itself, allowing a given Publisher to assign submissions to different members of their staff. The Author and Contributors are also placed under the stories column grouping.

✦     Mass Contact Assignment Update

The assign all unassigned items to myself will no longer auto assign the current user to submissions as the Point of Contact. This allows the correct assignments to be made as needed on individual submissions.

✦     Copy / Paste Contacts

You may Copy a Contact from Bookmarks, or a Story, Publisher, Alert, Sale, or Expense, and then Paste that Contact into the Contacts subtab of any of the above except Bookmarks. Bookmark several contacts, open a second window and go to Bookmarks, then easily do copy / paste to assign contacts to a record.

✦     Readme History

The Readme screen supports switching to view past readme notes.

✦     User Interface Tweaks

Small improvements in screen layouts and color choices for user interactions for hover and button pressed events. The Contacts Where Used subtab now displays a count for the number of entries. Copy/Paste of Docs is now in the toolbar for that tab.

✦     iOS Only Licensing

Support for an iOS version of the application that is tied to the particular iOS device. Also, expanded support in iOS for licensing and other functions that interact with the file system.

Note: for iOS only licenses, the license is tied to a specific device and cannot be changed or updated in the future for use on a different device. In that event, a new license would need to be purchased for the other device and re-mapped to your contact information.

✦     Google Maps Deprecated

Due to licensing changes, support for maps may be interrupted until a technical / licensing issue is resolved.

✦     Bug Fixes

Hyperlinks for Anonymous User listing now switches to the Contact View mode for that contact. Bookmarks to Calendar dates are fixed.

And everything else :

✦     GDPR Support : anonymize a Contact, export all data and files for a Contact, fully delete a Contact, mark a Contact as a European Citizen, mark a Contact for having provided opt-in permission and when, specify a Data Protection Officer contact link, and provide your customized Privacy Policy as stated in the application.

✦     Personal Assistant : a single screen that takes an "expert's" look at everything in your data and allows you to take action on each topic. It is what your agent-in-a-box would tell you what to do.

✦     Database Engine upgrade : moves from FileMaker 16 to FileMaker 17. This gives you the best and latest support for Operating Systems for years to come.

✦     Bug fixes : we found a few more than expected, and you definitely want this update. There are fixes for some scorecard counts, filtering of the lists, and several other fixes that make the application more reliable and perform better.

✦     Multi-User support. Allows multiple users to simultaneously use the application. Multi-user requires a separate FileMaker Pro Advanced, or FileMaker Server product and license.

✦     Progress Graphs on the Home tab and Submissions tabs, allowing you to quickly access the progress of a submission.

✦     Pre-defined filters to quickly view the information most important to you, along with the ability to disable these filters so they do not interfere with custom saved queries.

✦     The Home screen supports two modes, one for the needs of an individaul Author, and one for a Publisher.

✦     A Workflow tab has been added to provide a convenient location for all task oriented screens and wizards.

✦     Support for a full Contact management system to associate a contact with items, including the contact's role in relation to each item. For example, to indicate a contact is an Author or a co-author for a Story.

✦     A multi-user template capability with tag support to create and apply mail merge like capabilities to generate customized responses quickly.

✦     All documentation, for all languages, is now fully integrated into the application to provide a full index of help on features, and to display help within the context of each screen.

✦     A Daily Word Count may easily be entered and tracked on the Author Home tab.

✦     Upon opening the application, the user will be shown the tab and record they last worked on, when possible.

✦     A notebook metaphor for an easy to use interface. The subtabs display with Tab Cueing. Tab cueing means that a small line or item count appears above all subtabs so you don’t need to “explore” to find which tabs are empty and which contain important information. All edits are automatically saved when you switch pages, with temporary notifications shown for unobtrusive feedback.

     ✦     Provides multiple views for most tabs, including a Read-only view. Making it easy to use the best view of the information to view, edit, or browse your information.

     ✦     Pre-loaded with 1000 Publishers. This includes the ability to download updates stay current on markets that open or close!

     ✦     Easy three-step resubmission feature. Match the genre of your work to the genres accepted by the publisher, while ensuring you do not make simultaneous submissions, meet word count limits, along with several other checks.

✦     Compose queries for email submissions with a file attachment, for use in a Webform, or to print out. A mail merge like template makes is quick and easy to compose send your your submissions.

✦     Compose responses to queries with templates to quickly generate a professional communication to prospective authors.

     ✦     Social networking support with Facebook and Twitter. Post to your wall or tweet with a single click about your submissions.

     ✦     Store your binary documents in the database for easy retrieval.

     ✦     One-click Send to your Kindle button for stored documents.

     ✦     View all activity with a standard Day/Week/Month/Year Calendar.

     ✦     Hyperlinks to jump to another tab to view details.

     ✦     Drag-and-drop support to easily add a Story based on a file, or to add documents to an object using a file.

     ✦     Color coding so you can see the status of submissions and alerts at a glance.

     ✦     Alerts so you can follow up on your submissions.

     ✦     Custom labels so you can use the terminology of your industry. Change “Stories” to “Songs”, or “Publishers” to Producers.”

     ✦     The application remembers what you were previously viewing when you switch between tabs.

     ✦     Load Stories from files. This bulk load capability can save hours of data entry by importing files directly from your computer, using the directory structure on your file system to group files to attach to stories.

     ✦     Track rights.

     ✦     View Word Clouds of Stories.

     ✦     Proof stories on the Macintosh with the Read Aloud feature.

     ✦     A collection of 24 reports keeps others up-to-date on your business, the business of writing.

     ✦     Accessibility enabled via Mac and JAWS on the PC.

     ✦     Easily export and import files to spreadsheet files and other formats. Pack and Send supports selecting Publishers or Markets, creating a spreadsheet export, and attaching it to an email to send to friends and fellow writers, all with just a couple of mouse clicks. 

     ✦     Import Publishers and Alerts from a Spreadsheet file, updating your existing records, or adding only new records. This allows you to easily import Editorial Calendars as Alerts for your upcoming articles.

     ✦     Multi-language (14) support, including : English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional*, Portuguese*, Hebrew*, Russian*, and Arabic*. In addition, the product may be further customized with Translation Overrides.

       *Note: the underlying database application engine supports: Worldwide English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese, so menus and other applications elements may not display the selected translation if not included in this list.

✦     Reading and Exclusion Period tracking for publishers with automatic updates to the Publisher open/close status.

System Requirements:

Operating System                  Minimum                                         Recommended

Windows 10 Enterprise,                 CPU: 1 GHz or faster x86 for x64-bit processor          

Pro, editions                                    RAM: 1 GB                                                RAM: 2 GB

Windows 8.1 Pro,                            same                                                          same

Standard, editions                           


Windows 7 SP1 Pro,                       same

Ultimate, editions                           or newer                                                     same

Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra         RAM: 2 GB                                                  RAM: 4 GB

Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra                  same                                                            same


iOS 11.4                                        FileMaker Go 17                                          same  

                                                        iTunes 12.x                                                   same

ScriptMaster Plugin

The ScriptMaster Plugin from 360 Works, version 5.09 from January 22, 2018, is used on the Mac and PC versions. This in turn uses Java. This plugin is NOT required to use the product. For operations requiring a File dialog as an Administrator, this plugin will present a File dialog for selecting files. You may skip using these dialogs and directly enter in the full path of these files. These plugins are not needed for users that do not make use of the Administrative functions.


Java is not required for the Macintosh and PC, however it greatly improves the use of file related functions. It is NOT required for the iPad or iPhone. Java is used to provide File Dialogs for imports, exports, and restores from a backup. Java is a separate install from the application.

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET framework version 4.6 or later required for Windows.


The Writer’s Scribe Development and Quality Assurance team developed the software using Mac OS 11.4 and MS Windows 7 Pro. The other configurations listed above are per the requirements of the underlying database product: FileMaker Pro Runtime 17. Please download the Trial Version of the software and use it on your computer to ensure compatibility.

Note: iOS is not supported for earlier iOS versions. It has been extensively tested with an iPhone X, and  an iPad Pro . Please test the product on your target platform before purchasing.