The Writer’s Scribe


October 17th, 2011

What’s New in 2.5

     •     Tab Cues

    All tabs under each of the main tabs displays either a count of the items under that tab, or a thin green line above the tab. This eliminates extra clicks from looking under a tab to see if there is information listed under it.

     •     Import Stories Derived from Files

    The Bulk load tens, hundreds, or thousands of stories based upon files in the local file system. Story names may automatically be taken from the name of the file, or many files may be grouped with a single story, taking the name from the subdirectory. This import capability may save you many hours of data entry. Default values may be set for each import set, further saving data entry time.

     •     File Dialogs

    File dialogs have been added throughout the application via a plugin. This plugin makes use of Java to provide standard file and directory selection dialogs. Installation of Java is required for the features dependent on File Dialogs for use by the plugin.

Note on Java: 
Java is required on the Macintosh and PC. On the Macintosh, you will be prompted to install Java when you first start the application if it is not already installed on your computer. On the PC, you will see a dialog instructing you to go to, Oracle’s website, to download and install Java. Java is NOT required for the application to run on the iPhone or iPad. Java is required for displaying File Dialogs.

     •     New Fields for the Publisher Tab
Added fields under the Publisher tab for two phone numbers and labels for the type of phone number, along with an About field to provide basic information about that Publisher.

     •     Support for Growl version 1.3 on the Macintosh

    The implementation of Growl notifications has been updated to support the latest version of Growl. Note, Growl now has a minor cost (currently $2), well worth the visit to the Apple App Store.

     •     Bug Fixes

     •      Fixed the default value when loading data from a prior version on the PC platform.

     •      Other Minor Bug fixes