The Writer’s Scribe


November 10th, 2011

What’s New in 2.6

     •     Ignore Formatting

    When enabled, this removes all text formatting from fields such as Name, Address, and other fields. Other fields such as Source or Description will always retain their formatting. This is intended to improve the readability of the records. Updates to remove the formatting will be done whenever the record is updated. This option appears in the Control Panel tab under the Preferences subtab.

     •     Backup on Nth Quit

    This option allows the user to specify when an Auto-Backup occurs. By default, a value of every third time the user quits is used. If a value of “0” to save on every quit, and “99” to never perform an Auto-Backup. This option appears in the Control Panel tab under the Preferences subtab, then under the Administration section.

     •     Unique Names Validation Check for Story and Publisher

    Upon updating the Name field for either a Story or a Publisher, a validation check runs. Currently, it checks that a value is entered for the name, making this a required field. In addition, the application will also check if the Name is unique. This is to prevent the creation of “soft” duplicates accidentally. The user may still enter duplicates as a Validation Error message will be displayed that allows the user to override this uniqueness check if necessary.

     •     Bug Fixes

•  Auto-Backup was performed on every quit. The above feature addresses this, and corrects the use of auto-backup every third quit by default.     

     •  Other Minor Bug fixes