The Writer’s Scribe


March 26th, 2012

What’s New in 3.3

     •     Warning: Longer Upgrade Time

    The Load Data from Prior Version may take longer than past upgrades due to a need to update the Calendar Events, perhaps as long as several minutes. Please allow this process to complete before using the product.

     •     Updated Look

    Screens have been updated to give a lightweight look, allowing the user to more easily focus on the content. Also, some buttons have been moved or enlarged to make them easier to use, particularly on an iOS device.

     •     Added Vendors subtab to Sales

    Track the vendors used to sell or distribute your work. A corresponding subtab has also been added to the Stories and Publishers tabs to show vendors mapped to each Story or Publisher.

     •     Added Paid in Full checkbox to Sales

    Track whether payment has been received for a given Sale.

     •     Added Receipt Acknowledgement date field to a Submission

    Capture the date a submission was acknowledged as received by the Publisher.

     •     Home Page Highlighting Enhanced

    Submissions with Days Outstanding that are still pending and which exceed the guidelines for that Publisher show the Days Outstanding highlighted by using a Red font. This reduces the need to create follow-up alerts on all submissions.

     •     Enhanced Source subtab for a Story

    Several enhancements were made to this screen, including: 

     •     Listing of the Concordance directly on the page for easy reference.

     •     Placed the Analytics information in a separate subtab under Source.

     •     Enhanced Analytics to include additional Counts, Averages, Readability scores, and Paragraph Ratios.

     •     Added tables for Male and Female Names for use in the above Analytics.

     •     Streamlined Rights Management on a Story

    Popup wizards for associating a right to a story and a story to a sale have been eliminated, replaced by two filtered dropdown lists. A “Rights Instances” table has also been added to the Control Panel/Tables listing to help analyze Rights mappings.

Rights Instances, for Start Date and Expiration Date, are also available in the Home Calendar page.

     •     Updated Calendar Events Popup

    Calendar now shows date numbers in blue to indicate the availability of a popup on the Calendar for more information on the events for a given day. The popup itself also shows more information, eliminating the need to navigate to the specific item for most situations.

     •     Custom Label Pre-defines added

    The Custom Labels, under the Control Panel tab, now includes several more pre-defined sets of labels for different languages. While this is not a full translation of the product into another language, it is helpful for some users. Each label listed may still be overridden with user-entered text. In addition, on first run, the current language is detected and used to set the pre-defined labels.

•     Updated 360Works ScriptMaster Plugin

    The software engine used for File dialogs has been updated to the latest release, version 4.131.

     •     Bug Fixes

     •     Diagnostic counts corrected for some tables.

     •     Analyze Source on Story, fixed the Cancel button so that previous analysis is left unchanged if Analysis is cancelled from the initial popup.

     •     Refresh of Alerts with Filter applied is now updated.

     •     Error in Estimated Time Remaining calculation for the Read Aloud function.

     •     Fixed highlighting for the Delete buttons on the Sales/Rights subtab.