The Writer’s Scribe


July 14th, 2013

What’s New in 4.8

     •     Tabular Views  

    The tabs for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses now include an alternate "Tabular" view.

    Previously, you could switch between a Form, Listing, or Table view on each screen using the built-in FileMaker capabilities. These alternate views are still available.


    New to this release, the application supports cycling between the existing Form view and a new Tabular view while retaining your place in the existing recordset and retaining the existing filters. Click on the tab while in that tab to cycle between the Form and Tabular views.

    Sorting is also supported on nearly all columns in the Tabular views. Click on the column header to cycle through the sorting based upon that column. All selections of the Form versus Tabular views are persisted when you navigate to a different tab and later return to that tab.

     •     Bug Fixes

    Minor fixes.

NOTE: the upgrade from prior versions may take several minutes to complete. The new Calendar features require that the data and other information used on the Calendar needs to be gathered from all of the existing records.