The Writer’s Scribe


April 13, 2015

What’s New in 5.2

     •     Reading Periods  

    Support for defining Reading or Exclusion periods for a Publisher. Once a day, a check is done against the reading or exclusion periods defined to see if the Publisher is Open or Closed and then automatically update that for the Publisher. Support for recurring periods is also included, along with excluding non-reading or non-excluded periods. The Reading/Exclusion period information is included with the Global Publishers synchronization so users automatically receive updates along with their updated Publisher information.

     •     Improved Ergonomics

    Innumerable minor improvements have been made to the user interface. The layout of tabs and location of fields under sub tabs is unchanged. The Home screen is now easier to read and use. New records for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses may now be performed using a popup menu on the Home tab.

    The View or Read-Only screens support a menu for all Command buttons on the screen to increase the viewing area and improve the ability to browse the information. The Publishers view screen also includes a small Web View preview panel, which when clicked will open the website in a separate window. 

     •     Additional Keystroke Support in Dialogs

    Additional screens now support allowing the user to run the default action by pressing the return or enter key, or to dismiss the dialog using the esc key.

          More Publishers for Global Sync

     A longer list of Publishers, now over 1300, is now tracked via Global Publishers. It is now easier to run synchronization

     from the Home tab.

•     Performance

     Numerous minor performance improvements have been made, with emphasis on making the product perform better in

     iOS on an iPhone or iPad.

•     Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes, including: a fix to displaying a Publisher location in Google Maps, the periodic auto-backup timing and

     execution, translation improvements for defining language overrides.