The Writer’s Scribe


November 29, 2015

What’s New in 6.0

          Support for an Author AND a Publisher  

    The application supports use by a single author to enter their stories and track their submissions to multiple publishers. It now also supports multiple agents or employees of a publisher entering a submission and then processing a response to that submission for the assigned agent or editor.

          Multi-User Beta

    The application supports entering multiple licenses and associating each license with a Contact. This allows the system to support multiple authors, editors, and agents. Each may use the application and use those items they have been assigned. Each user may use the application in the language of their choice. Each registered user requires a license, with each license sold separately.

    If used with FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro Advanced, multiple users may use the application simultaneously. This feature is currently in beta, and the FileMaker software for simultaneous user is NOT included, it must be purchased separately. 


    The Workflow tab pulls together all the features that support rapid data entry. This includes the three-step process and generating stories from files.

    A new wizard supports the rapid entry of an author’s submission into the application. This one-stop screen collects all of the information needed, and once completed, creates a Story and Submission record and then connects it to a Publisher and all the Contacts needed to assign reading and respond to the Author.

          Improved Ergonomics

     Innumerable minor improvements have been made to the user interface. All Administrative functions have been hidden. The Administrator functions may be password protected and enabled only as needed.

          Integrated Help

     The PDF User’s Guide has been replaced by an on page Help and Help Tips. A help button is provided for each page, along with the ability to Show or Hide Help Tips. You may get help immediately without leaving the page, with Help Tip buttons located over the portion of the screen layout that it describes.


     In prior versions, a single Point of Contact could be associated with a Publisher. Contacts may now be synchronized with a Global copy, or added to and kept private.

          Customer Requested Features

     When the application is re-opened, it navigates to the last viewed page and last viewed record for each of the pages shown under the main tabs. Also, a Daily Word Count field has been added to the Author Home page for tracking a flat count of words written each day by an Author. A History button provides a listing of prior counts and a Total.

•     Bug Fixes

     The changes necessary to make the application support multiple users were extensive, requiring a near re-write of parts of the application. A focus has been placed on the user experience in everything done in the application.