The Writer’s Scribe


December 28, 2015

What’s New in 6.2

     •     Scorecard

    Adds the Submission Scorecard to the Home page and other screens to display Scorecards of Submissions Accepted, Pending, and Rejected. Scorecards are shown for All submissions, and for Submissions Scorecards on a per Contact basis. 

          Home Details

    In version 6.0, the Home Details screen was replaced by an alternate Home screen that was designed for a Publisher, while retaining the Home screen that was designed for an Author’s needs. Some users asked for the original Home Details screen to be returned. A button was added to the Author’s Home screen that displays the additional information for multiple submissions of a story in a popup. This captures all of the original information in a single button with a single click while keeping the user on the same screen, displaying this button only when multiple submissions have been made as the information is already displayed on the Author Home screen.

•     Bug Fixes

     Fixes related to configuring licenses and other minor bugs.