The Writer’s Scribe

  Professional submission tracking software for the writer, agent, and publisher

December 28th, 2015:

                         Version 6.2

     •     Scorecard

    Adds the Submission Scorecard to the Home page and other screens to display Scorecards of Submissions Accepted, Pending, and Rejected. Scorecards are shown for All submissions, and for Submissions Scorecards on a per Contact basis. 

          •     Home Details

    In version 6.0, the Home Details screen was replaced by an alternate Home screen that was designed for a Publisher, while retaining the Home screen that was designed for an Author’s needs. Some users asked for the original Home Details screen to be returned. A button was added to the Author’s Home screen that displays the additional information for multiple submissions of a story in a popup. This captures all of the original information in a single button with a single click while keeping the user on the same screen, displaying this button only when multiple submissions have been made as the information is already displayed on the Author Home screen.

     •     Bug Fixes

     Fixes related to configuring licenses and other minor bugs.

December 5th, 2015:

                         Version 6.1

     •     Multi-User Beta 2

    The application supports entering multiple licenses and associating each license with a Contact. This allows the system to support multiple authors, editors, and agents. Each may use the application and use those items they have been assigned. Each user may use the application in the language of their choice. Each registered user requires a license, with each license sold separately.

    If used with FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro Advanced, multiple users may use the application simultaneously. This feature is currently in beta, and the FileMaker software for simultaneous user is NOT included, it must be purchased separately. 

          •     iOS Support

    This update adds the ability to run the application hosted on FileMaker Go on the iOS device, or via as a client using FM Go to log into FileMaker Pro Advanced as a shared file, or to a FileMaker Pro Server.

     •     Bug Fixes

     Fixes related to use on iOS and correctly recording session information on logout.

November 29th, 2015:

                         Version 6.0

          •     Support for an Author AND a Publisher  

    The application supports use by a single author to enter their stories and track their submissions to multiple publishers. It now also supports multiple agents or employees of a publisher entering a submission and then processing a response to that submission for the assigned agent or editor.

          •     Multi-User Beta

    The application supports entering multiple licenses and associating each license with a Contact. This allows the system to support multiple authors, editors, and agents. Each may use the application and use those items they have been assigned. Each user may use the application in the language of their choice. Each registered user requires a license, with each license sold separately.

    If used with FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro Advanced, multiple users may use the application simultaneously. This feature is currently in beta, and the FileMaker software for simultaneous user is NOT included, it must be purchased separately. 

          •     Workflow

    The Workflow tab pulls together all the features that support rapid data entry. This includes the three-step process and generating stories from files.

    A new wizard supports the rapid entry of an author’s submission into the application. This one-stop screen collects all of the information needed, and once completed, creates a Story and Submission record and then connects it to a Publisher and all the Contacts needed to assign reading and respond to the Author.

          •     Improved Ergonomics

     Innumerable minor improvements have been made to the user interface. All Administrative functions have been hidden. The Administrator functions may be password protected and enabled only as needed.

          •     Integrated Help

     The PDF User’s Guide has been replaced by an on page Help and Help Tips. A help button is provided for each page, along with the ability to Show or Hide Help Tips. You may get help immediately without leaving the page, with Help Tip buttons located over the portion of the screen layout that it describes.

          •     Contacts

     In prior versions, a single Point of Contact could be associated with a Publisher. Contacts may now be synchronized with a Global copy, or added to and kept private.

          •     Customer Requested Features

     When the application is re-opened, it navigates to the last viewed page and last viewed record for each of the pages shown under the main tabs. Also, a Daily Word Count field has been added to the Author Home page for tracking a flat count of words written each day by an Author. A History button provides a listing of prior counts and a Total.

     •     Bug Fixes

     The changes necessary to make the application support multiple users were extensive, requiring a near re-write of

     parts of the application. A focus has been placed on the user experience in everything done in the application.

April 13th, 2015:

                    Version 5.2

     •     Reading Periods  

    Support for defining Reading or Exclusion periods for a Publisher. Once a day, a check is done against the reading or exclusion periods defined to see if the Publisher is Open or Closed and then automatically update that for the Publisher. Support for recurring periods is also included, along with excluding non-reading or non-excluded periods. The Reading/Exclusion period information is included with the Global Publishers synchronization so users automatically receive updates along with their updated Publisher information.

          •     Improved Ergonomics

    Innumerable minor improvements have been made to the user interface. The layout of tabs and location of fields under sub tabs is unchanged. The Home screen is now easier to read and use. New records for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses may now be performed using a popup menu on the Home tab.

    The View or Read-Only screens support a menu for all Command buttons on the screen to increase the viewing area and improve the ability to browse the information. The Publishers view screen also includes a small Web View preview panel, which when clicked will open the website in a separate window. 

          •     Additional Keystroke Support in Dialogs

    Additional screens now support allowing the user to run the default action by pressing the return or enter key, or to dismiss the dialog using the esc key.

          •     More Publishers for Global Sync

     A longer list of Publishers, now over 1300, is now tracked via Global Publishers. It is now easier to run synchronization

     from the Home tab.

     •     Performance

     Numerous minor performance improvements have been made, with emphasis on making the product perform better in

     iOS on an iPhone or iPad.

     •     Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes, including: a fix to displaying a Publisher location in Google Maps, the periodic auto-backup timing and

     execution, translation improvements for defining language overrides.

January 2nd, 2015:

                    Version 5.1

     •     Database Upgrade  

    Support using the latest version of the FileMaker 13 database software to better support OS 10, Windows, and iOS.

          •     ScriptMaster Plugin Update  

     Support using version 4.32 of the ScripMaster plugin, which support 64 bit operations. 

          •     Keystroke Support in Dialogs

     Allows the user to run the default action by pressing the return or enter key, or to dismiss the dialog using the esc key.

          •     Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes, including: moving directly to year or month dropdown navigation in the Home Calendar view, automatic string translation in the Localization screen when editing override strings, initial opening the User s Guide, links to the website from the menu, and displaying Publisher locations on Google Maps.

December 28th, 2013:

                    Version 5.0

     •     Database Upgrade  

    Major update to move to FileMaker 13 for the database engine. This provides improved platform support. This also includes support for FileMaker Go 13 (currently available for free) for iPads and iPhones under iOS 7 or later. 

          •     User Interface Improvements  

          •     Popovers were used throughout to provide larger, easier to use, click areas and reduce screen navigation, especially for Page filters.

          •     Screen organization improvements.

          •     One-click choices for the page banners.

          •     Bookmarks may now be set/removed from all possible screens. 

          •     Performance Improvements

     Screen refreshes and Web interactions improved.

          Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes, including updates to Calendar Events for Rights, and displaying documents from the View mode screens.

October 12th, 2013:

                    Version 4.9

     •     Read-only View  

    The tabs for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses now include an additional alternate "Read-only" view. 

Click on the tab itself to switch between the Read-only, Edit, and Tabular listing views. The new Read-only view provides a single simple screen to see everything you need about a record without needing to flip between tabs. Information is displayed in an easy-to-read text format with all of the extraneous edit controls removed.

          •     Bug Fixes

    Minor fixes.

July 14th, 2013:

                    Version 4.8

     •     Tabular Views  

    The tabs for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses now include an alternate "Tabular" view.

    Previously, you could switch between a Form, Listing, or Table view on each screen using the built-in FileMaker capabilities. These alternate views are still available.


    New to this release, the application supports cycling between the existing Form view and a new Tabular view while retaining your place in the existing recordset and retaining the existing filters. Click on the tab while in that tab to cycle between the Form and Tabular views.

    Sorting is also supported on nearly all columns in the Tabular views. Click on the column header to cycle through the sorting based upon that column. All selections of the Form versus Tabular views are persisted when you navigate to a different tab and later return to that tab.

          •     Bug Fixes

    Minor fixes.

June 7th, 2013:

               Version 4.7

     •     Ultra Look  

    All tabs and backgrounds have been given an ultra-clean look, placing emphasis on the content by using a minimalist navigation structure. In other words, a more elegant look and feel.

          •     Extended Calendar Home Tab

    Added sub tabs for Day, Week, and Year. View all events in a single year with a year grid, color coded by the number of events for each day with hover text.

          •     More Flexible Backup

    Added options to automatically backup the database by each day, week or month. The location of the backup file(s) may also be customized. This supports the ability to save copies to network locations such as Dropbox or similar services for offsite backup, or to automatically copy the database to a mobile device.

          •     Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes.

April 12th, 2013:

     •     Version 4.6

     •     User Interface Improvements  

    Focused Summary Home Tab

    The use of color is more focused and an expanding legend is now shown in the footer. An icon is shown for the Submission Type to make it easier to recognize.

    Documents for Sharing on the Home Tab

    The last modified document associated with a Story is now shown on the Home Tab in the first column. This allows

     instant access to this document to View, Email, send to your My Kindle account for viewing on a Kindle device, and

     Saving to the file system. The document icon is also displayed to quickly recognize the type of document.

    Improved Controls in the Control Panel

    Easier to use and recognize On/Off controls for settings.

          •     Performance Improvements

          •     Submission Method Address

    The URL or browser address now accepts either email addresses or Web addresses that correspond to the Submission Type.

          •     Bug Fixes

    Minor fixes.

    Fixed Publisher hyperlink references on Sales sub tab.

March 3rd, 2013:

     •     Version 4.5

     •     User Interface Improvements  

    Smart Fields

    Field labels are now only displayed as needed. Also, for required fields, the entire field will appear in RED for new records when the field is empty only. All other controls, such as Edit, open in Web browser, dial, and email, are displayed on an overlay on the field to simplify the interface.

    High Contrast Tabs

    The main tabs have been styled to use high contrast colors. This allows the non-selected tabs to blend into the

    background while remaining easily read, and make the currently selected tab stand out more.

    Page Styling

    The main tabs have been styled to use high contrast colors. This allows the non-selected tabs to blend into the

    background while remaining easily read, and make the currently selected tab stand out more.

          •     Word Clouds

    Generate a Word Cloud for a Story, when the text of the story is provided in the Source sub-tab.

          •     Bug Fixes

    Minor fixes. Label highlighting and screen refresh fixes on Sales and Expenses.

January 21st, 2013:

     •     Version 4.4

     •     Drag and Drop of a Story

    A new Story record may be created in a single operation by dragging and dropping a file onto the Create a Story button under the Story tab. The file is also automatically added as a Document.

          •     Drag and Drop of a Document  

Under the Docs subtab of Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Sales, and Expenses, the Add button has been modified to also support adding a Document by using drag and drop of a file from the Operating System’s file system.

    Note: multiple files may be selected and dragged and dropped. However, only the first file will be used for creating a story or for adding to the documents associated with an item.

     •     User Interface Improvements  

    Light High Definition Relief

    Buttons and other elements now have a hairline border to provide a lighter look that does not detract from the display of the content. Also, the Filter buttons now provide visual indicators of which filters have been applied without needing to expand the filter button.


    The hide/show panel for annotating Documents was improved to make it clearer how each control functions.

     Also, all container fields used for Documents support drag and drop to update or replace files. These fields are now     

     highlighted with a standard green dashed line to indicate they accept drag and drop content.

    Subtab order

    Some subtabs have been moved to provide a more logical and consistent sequence.

          •     Bug Fixes

    Fixed default location for an Import of a prior version.

     Fixed creating an iCal event in your Calendar from an Alert. This also eliminated the use of a temporary file that was

      left on the Desktop for this purpose. This only affected the Macintosh version. The user may now also specify the iCal

     Calendar to use for creating the iCal event in the Control Panel tab, Preferences subtab and Alerts/Notifications subtab.

November 2nd, 2012:

     •     Version 4.3

          •     User Interface Improvements

Locked Headers for Lists

    Improved scrolling on the Home screen and other listing screens to lock the column header labels in place.



    Many elements of the interface have been de-cluttered, including the display of filter controls. The ability to hide the application name in the banner has been added for licensed users.


Localized Application Name

    The application name is now shown in the user’s language per the localization settings.

          •     Support for OpenDyslexic Font on Macintosh  

Added the ability throughout the application to apply a different font that may be easier to read for some users.

          •     Bug Fixes

Bug fixes, all were very minor. Dialing on the iPhone now supports stripping out non-numeric characters. The default directory for restores from Backup now picks up correctly for versions after 4.0.

October 1st, 2012:

     •     Version 4.2

     •     User Interface Improvements

    Feedback on button presses and hovers, along with a streamlining of the Control Panel tab and Welcome screen, improves the user experience. Spacing of screen elements also improves general readability and the ability to use the application on an iOS device by provided improved separation of screen elements.

          •     Bug Fixes

          •     Minor bug fixes, including:

          •     Support for Growl 2.0

          •     Fixed the year-to-date calculation shown on Sales and Expenses

               •     Broken bookmark links when switching to a language other than English.

August 26th, 2012:

     •     Version 4.1

     •     Expanded Pre-Entered Publishers with Online Updates

    A selection of nearly 800 Publishers is now pre-entered in the application to allow new users to quickly find markets for their writing. Updates to this listing will be made available to registered users on a periodic basis through the website to stay up to date on new markets and on which Publishers are currently open to submissions.

     •   OS and Database Engine Update 

          This release includes an updated database engine for a minor release. Also adjustments have been made for Mac OS 10.8, released in July, 2012. 

          •     Retina-Ready on the Macintosh

    All graphic elements throughout the application have been converted to vector based or higher resolution to take advantage of retina-based Macintosh computers.

          •     Bookmarks

    The ability to mark any of your key records with a bookmark allows quick and easy navigation to this record. Bookmarks may be set using the bookmark indicator in the top right corner of the page for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses. A mode button has been added to the Home page to display and use all bookmarks.

          •     Share to My Kindle

    Sharing of Documents, Log files, Concordance files, and Source text on a Story now includes My Kindle. Using the Kindle Email value set in Control Panel | Preferences, this allows one-click sharing of the information to your Kindle.

          •     Poetry Handling

    A story format of “Poetry” has been added to Stories, and a checkbox for “Accepts Poetry” has been added to Publishers. When the “Suggest a Publisher” is used with a Poem, the software checks for Publishers that will accept Poetry. 

          •     Fee-Based Checkbox for Publisher

A checkbox has been added to distinguish publishers that require a fee or fee-based membership in order to submit your work.

          •     Genre Selection

    Select multiple genres quickly with a Select All and Select None pair of buttons on both the Stories and Publishers tabs.

          •     Editable Submission Types

    For a Publisher, the Submission Type values may now be edited so additional types may be specified. This provides greater flexibility in specifying the submission mechanism. In addition, when the “Compose Query” button is selected from the Publisher’s tab, the Compose Query window automatically selects the appropriate tab per the Submission Type.

          •     Submission Guidelines URL

    A field has been added for the Submissions Guidelines page on a Publisher’s website, separate from the main page on the website for that publisher. This field is intended for specifying the page to check to quickly determine if the Publisher is Closed to Submissions or to submit work to the Publisher for publication.

          •     User Experience Improvements

    Numerous minor changes were made to improve the layout, tab order, and organization of the screens. This includes allowing labels to be clicked for checkbox fields to make it easier to select items. This is especially vital for use on an iPad or iPhone where large click or touch targets are needed.

          •     Accessibility

    (Beta) All fields have been associated with labels for use with Apple Mac OS accessibility features, and for the PC for use with the JAWS software. The software is labeled as Beta until confirmed by users that require and use the accessibility features.

     •   Bug Fixes

          • Minor bug fixes, including: display of the query letter for a postal submission where multiple queries have been entered in the system.

May 25th, 2012:

     •     Version 4.0

          •     Multiple Languages

    (Beta)Support has been added for 14 languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic.

    The Beta designation is applied due to revisions expected in the quality of the translations and the availability of translated written documentation. In all other respects, the application now supports foreign character sets and strings. Some languages are also not supported in the underlying database engine, which may affect menus and toolbars.

    A Translation Override feature allows the end user to provide alternate translations for text strings and to send them to support for incorporation in future versions of the product.

          •     Updated Look

    Spacing and layout on all screens have been adjusted to accommodate the full range of languages. Additional changes were also made to provide a lighter, easier to understand, user experience.

          •     iOS Support

          OS support now makes use of the latest release of FileMaker Go version 12, which is available free of charge from     the iTunes app store.

          •     Quick Find

     A simplified Search has been added, supporting entering a search value in a single input field in the toolbar that will then search for matches across all fields on the form for each of the main navigation tabs.

          •     Reports Windows Close Button

     All report windows in Preview mode may now be closed with the standard close button on the window frame edge.

          •     Updated 360Works ScriptMaster Plugin

     The software engine used for File dialogs has been updated to the latest release, version 4.132.

          •     Bug Fixes

          •     Minor bug fixes.

March 26th, 2012:

     •     Version 3.3

     •     Warning: Longer Upgrade Time

     •     Updated Look

     •     Added Vendors subtab to Sales

     •     Added Paid in Full checkbox to Sales

     •     Added Receipt Acknowledgement date field to a Submission

     •     Home Page Highlighting Enhanced

     •     Enhanced Source subtab for a Story

     •     Streamlined Rights Management on a Story

     •     Updated Calendar Events Popup

     •     Custom Label Pre-defines added

     •     Updated 360Works ScriptMaster Plugin

     •     Bug Fixes

February 7th, 2012:

     •     Version 3.2

     •     Home page Sorts and Filters

     •     Home page Highlighting of Published Stories

     •     Login with Password on Application Startup

     •     Exit Application button in the Control Panel

     •     Label on the “Filter” checkbox on the Story tab is customizable

     •     Home Label is customizable
               An option is provided under the Control Panel tab, and the Custom Labels subtab, to modify the label used for “Home”.

     •     Bug Fixes

January 15th, 2012:

     •     Version 3.1

     •     Lock Publisher Records on Spreadsheet Import/Export

     •     Bug Fixes

December 29th, 2011:

     •     Version 3.0

     •     User Interface Updates

     •     Alert Fields Added for Label and Color

     •     Import Publishers from Spreadsheet File

     •     Import Alerts from Spreadsheet File

     •     Improved FileMaker Go Support

     •     Miscellaneous

     •     Bug Fixes

November 12th, 2011:

     •     Version 2.6

     •     Ignore Formatting of key fields

     •     Backup on Nth Quit

     •     Unique Names Validation Check for Story and Publisher

     •     Bug Fixes

October 17th, 2011:

     •     Version 2.5

     •     Tab Cues

     •     Import Stories derived from Files

     •     File Dialogs for import, export, and restore from backup

     •     New fields for the Publisher tab: About, 2 phone numbers

     •     Support for Growl 1.3 on the Macintosh

     •     Bug Fixes

September 10th, 2011:

     •     Bug found and fixed in the PC upgrade. No other changes made. If you already upgraded and manually copied over the file, “TheWritersScribe_BackupCopy.fp7” and imported it, then you will not need to download and use this version. It does not affect anything else.

September 3rd, 2011:

     •     Version 2.4

     •     View Publisher Address with Google Maps

     •     Agent field added to a Publisher Record

     •     Subtabs display Counts when applicable

     •     Home Tab supports a Published Filter

     •     Compose Query automatically saves a copy of the query as a Doc

     •     Bug Fixes

July 4th, 2011:

     •     Version 2.3

        New: the ability to post to your Facebook page or Tweet about a submission. The UI has been improved, and you can now Pack & Send markets to your friends, allowing them to import them into the application while ignoring duplicate entries. On the Macintosh, it can now read your story aloud for proofing your work.

June 1st, 2011:

     •     Version 2.2

        This is BIG! The Writer’s Scribe is now easier to setup, easier to load with a spreadsheet export/import for Stories and Publishers, and most important, you can generate queries using mail-merge like templates, taking the drudgery out of sending out new submissions.

         The new capability also allows you to attach a document (a manuscript that is RTF, DOC, DOCX, or any format),  

         directly to the email generated by the application. This is extremely convenient and delivers on the time savings

         you want from the program.

May 11th, 2011:

     •     Windows Desktop Shortcut Bug - after installation, the desktop shortcut for opening the application may not work. Please go to the Start menu and open the application from the menu. This will be fixed with the next release of the product. You may manually define a shortcut to place on your desktop. FIXED.

April 30th, 2011:

     •     Taking feature requests - send enhancement requests to . We are looking for key features that benefit all users whenever possible. We want to keep it simple, and not detract from the existing streamlined user experience. We want features that say: “I have to use this product because it makes my life so much easier with this feature.”  Thank you.

January 9th, 2011:

     •     Version 2.1

     •     Fixed potential data loss bugs if user attempts to save blank Submission or Expense records. See the README file for full details.  Added Work-in-Progress checkbox to Stories, other minor bug fixes.

November 8th, 2010:

     •     Version 2.0

     •     Calendar view for the Home page. View Alerts, Submissions, Sales, and Expenses on a calendar grid. All entries are hyperlinked, color-coded, and are always up to date.

     •     Documents management. Load files and link them to multiple items, allowing you to view, save, or email files. This may include query letters, manuscripts, artwork, receipts, or any other file that you need to keep with your work.

     •     Improved user interface to improve consistency and ease of use throughout the application. Also adapted for better viewing and use with iPads or iPhones.

     •     Minor bug fixes.

October 9th, 2010:

     •     Revision P

     •     Support for importing a Sonar3 © Copyright Spacejock Software Project file via the Upgrade / Import screen.

     •     Added import record counts to the Success dialogs for upgrades / imports.

     •     Minor bug fixes.

October 3rd, 2010:

     •     Revision O

     •     Updated support for FileMaker Go (FMG) to make use of all FMG 1.1 features. This includes:

     ★     All container fields now support View, Email, and Save. The user interface (UI) presentation for these functions is aligned with the Mac, PC, and Mobile platforms. View no longer requires the synchronization of files generated from the container fields on the Mac or PC.

     ★     Ability to add photos on the iPhone directly to a container field.

     ★     Ability to Import Upgrade on the mobile platform.

     •     File names for container fields are now shown in full size next to the field.

     •     Fixed the display of the version number bug on the Control Panel page after performing a Check for Update.

     •     Added Edit Rights button to the Stories tab, Rights subtab, to make it more convenient to edit the list of available rights.

     •     Added a Create Sale button to the Submission tab. Once a submission has been accepted, this button is enabled to make it easier to create a corresponding Sales record.

     •     Made Submission Results more flexible, allowing the user to designate the names and colors for all submission results. For example, you may use the term “Pass” instead of rejected with a color of Yellow and it will be correctly reflected in the Scorecards on the Home tab, the Stories tab, and the Publishers tab, along with all of the corresponding reports. Also, multiple submission results may be defined for each of the 3 colors.

September 11th, 2010:

•          Revision N

     •     Additional updates for use with FileMaker Go on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

     •     Tested with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch with iOS 4, and the iPad with iOS 3.2.

     •     Added ability to selectively export all container fields, or fields that can hold binary files, to files in the file system. This allows the files to be copied over to a mobile device: the iPhone, the iPod Touch, or iPad, so they may be viewed using the preview function by clicking on the View buttons in The Writer’s Scribe application.

     •     Added the ability to track Rights on a Story and associate individual rights with a particular Sale. Rights may be entered under categories. Rights associated with a Sale may also have an expiration date defined. A Sales report has been added to display all rights defined for each Story. The new feature is shown under a Rights subtab on the Story screen and the Sales screen.

     •     Added a field to the Sales tab to hold a Contract in a container field, allowing the user to store the original document with the Sale.

     •     Fixed a critical bug that caused a problem with generating record IDs after the application was cleared of all demo data.

     •     Fixed a bug where the count of Active Alerts displayed on the Alert tab at the top of the screen was not updated if alert was updated on the Details Home screen.

     •     Fixed a bug on the Alerts count where it did not count Active alerts that were due “today”.

     •     Improved the performance of the Active Alerts count.

     •     Updated all supporting table screens to use banded highlighting to make them easier to read.

August 1st, 2010:

     •     Revision M

     •     Updated for use with FileMaker Go on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

     •     Currently tested with iPhone 4 and iOS 4. As of Aug 3, also tested with iPod Touch with iOS4 and iPad. The application all works!

     •     Revised all screens to dynamically resize based on device and screen size.

     •     Adapted buttons for convenient use on mobile devices.

     •     Fixed bug that startup will go to a standard window and not a popup window if a popup window was the last window open when you quit the application.

     •     Placed popup close “X” in top left for convenient use on mobile devices.

     •     Removed extraneous dialogs for Check for Duplicates and Fix Next Serial Number IDs utilities.

     •     Fixed import of Market Research table to correctly import descriptions and other information.

     •     Fixed error on checks for multiple submissions when new record allows multiple simultaneous submissions but the publisher previously submitted to does not.

     •     Fixed bug on list of Alerts on the Submissions tab to correctly show the Alert type.

     •     Made the Log file entries read-only and made the listing more compact.

     •     Added a filter to the log to show either All log entries or only those with errors.

     •     Changed Check for Update optional and then switched the check to happen once a month.

     •     Fixed issue with Virus Checking software misidentifying the PC version as being malware.

     •     Color coded Alert completed checkboxes to make them easier to read.

     •     Color coded all other checkboxes to make them easier to read at a glance.

     •     Conditionally disabled all buttons that have functions incompatible with the particular platform, in particular, functions not available on the mobile devices.

July 11th, 2010:

     •     Revision L

     •     Alert types - categorize the alert by Deadline, Follow-up, Submit after, or other custom values. A new report for grouping an Alert listing by Alert Type.

     •     Market Research - bookmarks for commonly used sites to find new markets.

     •     Additional fields to capture your pseudonym on a Story, and the address and payscale for a Publisher.

     •     Default offsets for Alerts by Publisher.

     •     Add event to iCal for Alerts on the Macintosh with a button click, or automatically upon creating alerts.

     •     Moved buttons to upper right corner of the screen for convenient use on Netbook computers with small displays.

June 7, 2010:

     •     Revision K

     •     Updated graphics styling.

     •     Streamlined upgrade process, particularly for all future upgrades.

     •     Improved handling of all files loaded into container fields with one-click View, Save, and attach to an Email.

     •     Log file support.

     •     Filter buttons for Submissions.

     •     Submissions Pending Report.

     •     Additional pre-defined custom label settings.

     •     Utilities to address Next Serial Number IDs and detect any Duplicate IDs.

April 24, 2010:

     •     Revision J

     •     Added minimize/maximize to the Home tab to provide a more succinct summary of the Submissions.

     •     Changed Insert File buttons to Insert and Save & Open buttons to Save.

     •     Added a View button so files and other media can be displayed in their original applications with a single click (Assuming default document types on the PC).

     •     Dimmed all buttons that cannot function until data is entered.

     •     Added ability to upgrade to a successive revision and retain ALL customizations, including edits to values for: Submission Results, Sales Types, along with Expenses Categories and Mileage Rates.

     •     Fixed default installation location for Windows so Vista and Windows 7 are not permanently locked into a Read-Only mode.

Mar 25, 2010:

     •     Revision i

     •     Added an Analyze subtab to the Stories tab. This function takes your source work and generates keywords and a concordance listing that ranks words by frequency of use.

     •     Fixed bug with using the same bind key on both the PC and the Mac

     •     Aligned directory structure on the PC to correspond with the Mac and fully separate out the directories for each revision.

Mar 18, 2010:

     •     Revision h

     •     Added a filter to the Alerts tab to allow one-click viewing of all Alerts not completed.

     •     Added a dialog to the Home Tab and Submissions Tab so that when you change a Submission to either Rejected or Pending, you are asked if you want to mark all Alerts associated with that Submission as being completed.

     •     Added Format field to the Stories Tab so you can categorize your stories. This dropdown list is also editable.

     •     Added a Stories Listing report that groups stories by Format.

     •     Added a Notes sub-tab to the Stories tab for miscellaneous notes.

     •     Fixed bug on hiding trunked stories on the Home tab.

     •     Fixed bug to update the version number after doing an Upgrade Import.

Mar 8, 2010:

     •     Revision g

     •     Additional support for custom strings

     •     New three step resubmission process

     •     Flexible customization of genres and attachment listings.


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