The Writer’s Scribe


August 1st, 2010

What’s New in V1R2010M

•    Updated for use with FileMaker Go on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

•    Currently tested with iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Further testing with other mobile platforms in progress.

•    Revised all screens to dynamically resize based on device and screen size.

•    Adapted buttons for convenient use on mobile devices.

•    Fixed bug that startup will go to a standard window and not a popup window if a popup window was the last window open when you quit the application.

•    Placed popup close “X” in top left for convenient use on mobile devices.

•    Removed extraneous dialogs for Check for Duplicates and Fix Next Serial Number IDs utilities.

•    Fixed import of Market Research table to correctly import descriptions and other information.

•    Fixed error on checks for multiple submissions when new record allows multiple simultaneous submissions but the publisher previously submitted to does not.

•    Fixed bug on list of Alerts on the Submissions tab to correctly show the Alert type.

•    Made the Log file entries read-only and made the listing more compact.

•    Added a filter to the log to show either All log entries or only those with errors.

•    Changed Check for Update optional and then switched the check to happen once a month.

•    Fixed issue with Virus Checking software misidentifying the PC version as being malware.

•    Color coded Alert completed checkboxes to make them easier to read.

•    Color coded all other checkboxes to make them easier to read at a glance.

•    Conditionally disabled all buttons that have functions incompatible with the particular platform, in particular,

               functions not available on the mobile devices.