The Writer’s Scribe

Restore from Backup or Prior Version

This page contains instructions for updating The Writer’s Scribe software.  


1.     Backup your current copy of The Writer’s Scribe.

          Select the Settings tab and the General subtab.

          Click “Backup Now”.


2.     Download and Install the latest version of The Writer’s Scribe.

For the PC, download and run TheWritersScribeSetup.exe install file.

For the Mac, download and open The Writer's Scribe Install_8_x.dmg disk image. Drag the application folder onto the Applications folder as indicated.

This file is now signed so it should install without warnings. If you previously installed a version 7.x version of this application, select a different install directory so you do not overwrite the prior installation. It is recommended that you retain those files until you have completed the upgrade and confirmed that it is fully working.


3. Open the new version of The Writer’s Scribe.  If you do not have Java installed, you will be prompted to download Java from the website, hosted by Oracle. This may take several seconds before it displays. Download and install Java. Then continue with these installation instructions after installing Java.

4. If you are on the Welcome screen, you may Click the Restore from Backup or Prior Version button and proceed to Step 6. Otherwise, Click on the Settings tab, the rightmost tab. Note: by default, this will open to your current install directory. Please navigate to the backup file from your prior version and select that file.

5. Click on the Settings Admin button in the top left of the banner to enable the Administrative Functions.

6. Click the Export/Import tab on the Settings screen and then the Import subtab. Then click the Restore from Backup or Prior Version button

(see also video above).

    Click the Open button on that popup dialog to select the backup file from the prior version if not already listed in the dialog. Click the Restore button at the top of the dialog. This process may take several to a dozen minutes to complete to import your data. A Success dialog will be displayed upon completion. Click OK. At this point you will still be logged in as Trial User.

7. Click on the Licenses button under the Settings sub tab, halfway down the page on the right side. The Licenses popup will appear.

    Your current license should be listed. If you are installing from a version prior to 7.0, you will need a new license file to install a valid license. Contact support if you do not have a new license file. If you are beyond the initial 1-year period from the original purchase, you may need to purchase an upgrade license to continue with the upgrade.

8. Click the Import Licenses button and select the your license file from the File Open dialog. Please note, the Open dialog may by default show only spreadsheet files. Select a filter to show All files to be able to select the license file.


9. Open the Preferences dialog for the application.

For the PC, the Preferences menu item is under the Edit menu.

Under the General tab, select the User Name field, then past in the Registration Name you entered when purchasing The Writer's Scribe. Close the Preferences dialog.

For for the Mac, the Preferences menu item is under The Writer's Scribe 7.1 menu.

Under the General tab, in the User Name section, select “Other”, then paste in the Registration Name. Close the Preferences dialog.

10. In the Licenses dialog, click the “-“ button in the header.

11. Click the red “-“ button on the Trial User row.

12. Click Done on the Licenses dialog.

13. Click the Exit Application button.


14. Start the application. It will use your registration name as set in the Preferences dialog to invisibly log you in from here on out and you may use the application as you always have. If you open on the Welcome screen, click Start.

15. Click on the Settings tab. Click to enable the Administrative Functions.

16. Click the Set Myself as Contact on All Unassigned... button.

17. Start using the application.

Note: if you have ANY difficulty performing an upgrade, please contact support. If you like, just install the update, send support the file “TheWritersScribe.USR” file, and we’ll update it and send it back within a day.

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