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The software will function with full access for 20 days as a free Trial Version. After that time, it will become READ-ONLY and some functions will be disabled.  

Norton Anti-Virus software may flag this software as safe but new.


For the Mac, you may see the following dialog upon installing the software.

Please open your System Preferences system application. Then open the Security & Privacy panel in the top row. Under the General tab, unlock the tab, then use the Open Anyway button to allow the application to run.

Java is required for some Administrative function and is a separate install from the application. Java is used to provide File Dialogs for import, export, and restore from backups.

Upon purchasing the software, you will receive a Registration Name and a Registration Key. Your software will be fully enabled upon entering these values in the Licenses screen.

Please note, you do NOT need to reinstall the software upon purchase. The Trial Copy is the full working version of the software. The Registration Name and Registration Key simply fully enable the software beyond the trial period.


Macintosh Install

152.9 MB


PC Install

122.5 MB