The Writer’s Scribe


January 2, 2015

What’s New in 5.1

     •     Database Upgrade  

    Support using the latest version of the FileMaker 13 database software to better support OS 10, Windows, and iOS.

     •     ScriptMaster Plugin Update  

     Support using version 4.32 of the ScripMaster plugin, which support 64 bit operations. 

     •     Keystroke Support in Dialogs

     Allows the user to run the default action by pressing the return or enter key, or to dismiss the dialog using the esc key.

          Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes, including: moving directly to year or month dropdown navigation in the Home Calendar view, automatic string translation in the Localization screen when editing override strings, initial opening the User s Guide, links to the website from the menu, and displaying Publisher locations on Google Maps.

NOTE: the upgrade from prior versions may take several minutes to complete.