The Writer’s Scribe


August 26th, 2012

What’s New in 4.1

     •     Expanded Pre-Entered Publishers with Online Updates

    A selection of nearly 800 Publishers is now pre-entered in the application to allow new users to quickly find markets for their writing. Updates to this listing will be made available to registered users on a periodic basis through the website to stay up to date on new markets and on which Publishers are currently open to submissions.

•   OS and Database Engine Update 

          This release includes an updated database engine for a minor release. Also adjustments have been made for Mac OS 10.8, released in July, 2012. 

     •     Retina-Ready on the Macintosh

    All graphic elements throughout the application have been converted to vector based or higher resolution to take advantage of retina-based Macintosh computers.

     •     Bookmarks

    The ability to mark any of your key records with a bookmark allows quick and easy navigation to this record. Bookmarks may be set using the bookmark indicator in the top right corner of the page for Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses. A mode button has been added to the Home page to display and use all bookmarks.

     •     Share to My Kindle

    Sharing of Documents, Log files, Concordance files, and Source text on a Story now includes My Kindle. Using the Kindle Email value set in Control Panel | Preferences, this allows one-click sharing of the information to your Kindle.

     •     Poetry Handling

    A story format of “Poetry” has been added to Stories, and a checkbox for “Accepts Poetry” has been added to Publishers. When the “Suggest a Publisher” is used with a Poem, the software checks for Publishers that will accept Poetry. 

     •     Fee-Based Checkbox for Publisher

A checkbox has been added to distinguish publishers that require a fee or fee-based membership in order to submit your work.

     •     Genre Selection

    Select multiple genres quickly with a Select All and Select None pair of buttons on both the Stories and Publishers tabs.

     •     Editable Submission Types

    For a Publisher, the Submission Type values may now be edited so additional types may be specified. This provides greater flexibility in specifying the submission mechanism. In addition, when the “Compose Query” button is selected from the Publisher’s tab, the Compose Query window automatically selects the appropriate tab per the Submission Type.

     •     Submission Guidelines URL

    A field has been added for the Submissions Guidelines page on a Publisher’s website, separate from the main page on the website for that publisher. This field is intended for specifying the page to check to quickly determine if the Publisher is Closed to Submissions or to submit work to the Publisher for publication.

     •     User Experience Improvements

    Numerous minor changes were made to improve the layout, tab order, and organization of the screens. This includes allowing labels to be clicked for checkbox fields to make it easier to select items. This is especially vital for use on an iPad or iPhone where large click or touch targets are needed.

     •     Accessibility

    (Beta) All fields have been associated with labels for use with Apple Mac OS accessibility features, and for the PC for use with the JAWS software. The software is labeled as Beta until confirmed by users that require and use the accessibility features.

•   Bug Fixes

     •     Minor bug fixes, including: display of the query letter for a postal submission where multiple queries have been entered in the system.