The Writer’s Scribe


May 25th, 2012

What’s New in 4.0

     •     Multiple Languages

    (Beta)Support has been added for 14 languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic.

    The Beta designation is applied due to revisions expected in the quality of the translations and the availability of translated written documentation. In all other respects, the application now supports foreign character sets and strings. Some languages are also not supported in the underlying database engine, which may affect menus and toolbars.

    A Translation Override feature allows the end user to provide alternate translations for text strings and to send them to support for incorporation in future versions of the product.

     •     Updated Look

    Spacing and layout on all screens have been adjusted to accommodate the full range of languages. Additional changes were also made to provide a lighter, easier to understand, user experience.

     •     iOS Support

     OS support now makes use of the latest release of FileMaker Go version 12, which is available free of charge from the iTunes app store.

     •     Quick Find

     A simplified Search has been added, supporting entering a search value in a single input field in the toolbar that will then search for matches across all fields on the form for each of the main navigation tabs.

     •     Reports Windows Close Button

     All report windows in Preview mode may now be closed with the standard close button on the window frame edge.

     •     Updated 360Works ScriptMaster Plugin

     The software engine used for File dialogs has been updated to the latest release, version 4.132.

     •     Bug Fixes

     •     Minor bug fixes.