The Writer’s Scribe


November 22nd, 2012

What’s New in 4.3

     •     User Interface Improvements

Locked Headers for Lists

    Improved scrolling on the Home screen and other listing screens to lock the column header labels in place.



    Many elements of the interface have been de-cluttered, including the display of filter controls. The ability to hide the application name in the banner has been added for licensed users.


Localized Application Name

    The application name is now shown in the user’s language per the localization settings.

     •     Support for OpenDyslexic Font on Macintosh  

Added the ability throughout the application to apply a different font that may be easier to read for some users.

     •     Bug Fixes

Bug fixes, all were very minor. Dialing on the iPhone now supports stripping out non-numeric characters. The default directory for restores from Backup now picks up correctly for versions after 4.0.