The Writer’s Scribe


January 21st, 2013

What’s New in 4.4

     •     Drag and Drop of a Story

    A new Story record may be created in a single operation by dragging and dropping a file onto the Create a Story button under the Story tab. The file is also automatically added as a Document.

     •     Drag and Drop of a Document  

Under the Docs subtab of Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Sales, and Expenses, the Add button has been modified to also support adding a Document by using drag and drop of a file from the Operating System’s file system.

    Note: multiple files may be selected and dragged and dropped. However, only the first file will be used for creating a story or for adding to the documents associated with an item.

•     User Interface Improvements  

    Light High Definition Relief

    Buttons and other elements now have a hairline border to provide a lighter look that does not detract from the display of the content. Also, the Filter buttons now provide visual indicators of which filters have been applied without needing to expand the filter button.


    The hide/show panel for annotating Documents was improved to make it clearer how each control functions.

     Also, all container fields used for Documents support drag and drop to update or replace files. These fields are now     

     highlighted with a standard green dashed line to indicate they accept drag and drop content.

    Subtab order

    Some subtabs have been moved to provide a more logical and consistent sequence.

     •     Bug Fixes

    Fixed default location for an Import of a prior version.

     Fixed creating an iCal event in your Calendar from an Alert. This also eliminated the use of a temporary file that was left on the Desktop for this purpose. This only affected the Macintosh version. The user may now also specify the iCal Calendar to use for creating the iCal event in the Control Panel tab, Preferences subtab and Alerts/Notifications subtab.