The Writer’s Scribe


December 28th, 2013

What’s New in 5.0

     •     Database Upgrade  

    Major update to move to FileMaker 13 for the database engine. This provides improved platform support. This also includes support for FileMaker Go 13 (currently available for free) for iPads and iPhones under iOS 7 or later. 

     •     User Interface Improvements  

     •     Popovers were used throughout to provide larger, easier to use, click areas and reduce screen navigation, especially for Page filters.

     •     Screen organization improvements.

     •     One-click choices for the page banners.

     •     Bookmarks may now be set/removed from all possible screens. 

     •     Performance Improvements

     Screen refreshes and Web interactions improved.

          Bug Fixes

     Minor fixes, including updates to Calendar Events for Rights, and displaying documents from the View mode screens.

NOTE: the upgrade from prior versions may take several minutes to complete. The new Calendar features require that the data and other information used on the Calendar needs to be gathered from all of the existing records.