The Writer’s Scribe


August 31st, 2011

What’s New in 2.4

•   View Publisher Address with Google Maps

     Display the address of the publisher in a popup window with Google maps.

•    Agent field added to a Publisher Record

     A checkbox allows the user to record if a publisher is an agent.

•    Subtabs display Counts when applicable

     The subtabs for Documents and Alerts display a superscript count of the number of items in that subtab.

•    Home Tab supports a Published Filter

     The Home tab previously could be filtered to remove Trunked and Work-in-Process stories. Published stories may also be, by default, filtered from the Home tab listing per a Preferences setting.

•    Compose Query automatically save a copy of the query as a Doc

     Whether composing an Email, a message for a Web Form submission, or a Postal Mail submission, the composed query is saved as a file and then attached as a document to the Submission.

•    Bug Fixes

•   Fixed updating of the Count of Active Alerts shown on the Alerts tab.

•   Fixed loss of user defined sort order for Stories and Publishers when the user quit and restarted the application.

•   Fixed the loss of the Status bar in the window at startup and persistence of the last tab viewed. All popup windows are now closed on shutdown so the correct tab in the main window is displayed.

•   Fixed skipping of paragraphs in the Read Aloud feature in the Stories tab, Source subtab, for the new high fidelity voices supported by the Macintosh Lion OS.

•   Fixed missing custom label substitutions for some reports and other ancillary screens.

•   Fixed garbled dates for the day of month in the Docs subtab under OS X Lion.

•   Other Minor Bug fixes

Discontinue Support for versions prior to 2.0 and upgrades of data files prior to 2.0

To date, all new versions of the application have included code to import data from all prior versions, migrate data to new data structures, and make all other necessary adjustments to support the current version. For all versions subsequent to 2.4, migration code for importing data for versions prior to 2.0 will no longer be supported. It is recommended that all users migrate to the most recent version of the software.